Croco’s Kids Club

Welcome to our Croco’s Kids Club.

This is not like any other kids club, we want your children to come along and have a fun filled time with all of us.

We have arranged our kids club to suit all ages.

Croco’s Kids Club is our mini club for ages 4 – 7 years old.

Croc’s Rock Club is for our  8 – 12 years old.


On your first visit to the Croco’s Kids Club, we kindly ask all parents/guardians to complete our Registeration Forms to make certain we are aware of your child’s needs.  This is an opportunity to inform us on dietary needs, any allergies or ailments etc.


  • 10.00 AM – 12.00 PM
  • 15.00 PM – 17.00 PM
  • 18.30 PM – 19.45 PM ( 6 Days a Week )

We always strive to provide a wide range of  activities for all, so we have a great outdoor programme for our sporty members and team building, enabling children of all nationalities to get to know each other and make many new friends.  In the afternoon we like to take things inside where it’s nice and cool and get our creative heads on.

So Kids here is just a few examples of what we get up to in our clubs.

Croco’s Mini Club Can enjoy ‘a walk on the wild side’ with our animal masks, beach buddie’s sandcastle making, make your own muppet heads and race your legs off in one of our many team games.

Croc’s Rock Club We always remember to keep this club’s COOL image as we know that once you are past 7 years old you no longer consider yourself as a kid WE KNOW!!!!!  So all our team events are up to date with our ‘SURVIVOR’ day, ‘Get me wet if you can’ with endless waterbomb attacks, basketball, football and our full on energetic DODGEBALL.  For our creative gangs, make your own handbags, design your own NAIL ART and glitz yourselves up with our WHO’S GOT THE LOOK’.images/content_category/aquafantasy067_1600_k28.jpg

So into the evenings, kids, whilst the adults are getting ready for the evening, why not join us.  We start off  with our own dinner time at our Kid’s Club Buffet area,  after dinner we head off  for film time, where you can catch up on some of your favourite movies.  Then its time to head off  to our open air disco where you can join us on the dance floor breaking out your own dance  moves.


We at Aqua Fantasy are very Eco Friendly so we at the Croco’s Mini Club do our special activity called ‘Adventurer’s Walk.  We take the children around our Eco friendly grounds looking out for all the wildlife, butterflys, insects etc, flowers that poke their tongues out, and head off to feed the turtles.


Should you wish to leave behind any toys, buckets and spades, waterfloats etc, we at the Croco’s Kids Club are always recycling so feel free to leave any items you do not wish to take back home with you, as we can always make good use of these.